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That Nest in Birdhouses


That Nest in Birdhouses


That Nest in Birdhouses

Feeding birds will not attract birds to nest and raise a family in a bird house.

Nesting, egg laying birds need seclusion and are unlikely to nest in a bird house near throngs of birds flocking to bird feeders.


More than 70 North American bird species live in nest boxes or on platforms.

See which birds live near you. Learn about those birds and how to make birdhouses for them.


Put the right nest boxes in the right place.

Keep nest boxes clean.

Protect birds from pests and predators.


Nest boxes simulate tree cavities.

Some birds that nest in tree cavities will also nest inside wood nest boxes if they are the right size.

Some birds that nest on tree branches, cliffs, and rock ledges will also nest on wood platforms.

Birds like birdhouses to be in their favorite places.


Bird Species Index

More than 70 bird species nest in birdhouses or platform shelters.

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