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Watching birds claim a box, build a nest and raise bird fledglings is an experience that shapes children’s lives. It is a favorite pastime of millions of kids and adults and has existed for hundreds of years generating volumes of information documented in countless natural history books. It can be done most anywhere. Even inner cities are rich with bird populations that nest in birdhouses.

The Birdhouse Plans Index for North American species that nest in birdhouses and on platforms provides crystal-clear plans with species-specific dimensions to increase your likelihood of attracting a bird family to a birdhouse.

Each Bird Species page includes art for species identification, descriptions of their foraging and nesting habits, their preferred habitats, when and where to mount a birdhouse for each particular species, tips to attract bird families and maps that show which birds live near you.

Birdhouse pages provide guidance on constructing the specific birdhouse for each particular species.


Nest boxes simulate tree cavities.

Many of the bird species that nest in tree cavities will nest inside wood nesting boxes if the boxes and their entrance holes conform to species specific dimensions.

Increase chances of attracting bird families by properly mounting boxes at appropriate heights in suitable habitats in the regions indigenous to each species.

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Some species that nest on tree limbs and rock ledges will nest on wood platforms. Some species are more easily attracted to boxes or platforms than other species.

Nest boxes should be chosen with one or only a few species in mind. They need monitoring and proper care.  Pests and predators need to be detoured. Nesting materials need to be removed at appropriate intervals between nesting seasons and boxes should be disinfected to eliminate parasites and disease.

Nest box dimensions, mounting heights, locations, habitat, and geographic regions have been studied for centuries by ornithologists and other naturalists.

More than 70 North American bird species nest in boxes or on platforms. Those species, their habits and nest box designs for each species are provided on these pages.