Palos Verdes Bluebird

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Palos Verdes Bluebird

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I was listening to the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy discuss the various plants on the hill as well as the numerous birds and butterflies that exist there. Its awesome to know more about the endangered Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly and those that are trying to help preserve this beautiful creature.
I was also inspired to build a bird box for the Palos Verdes bluebird that is being overrun by ... sparrow?
Can someone please help me understand what birds are threatened?

I have a bird box that I plan to make and distribute around the city - I got some information and dimensions from this helpful website - Thanks!!!

There are some birds nesting in my patio - one has a red belly - can you identify it?

The bird box is in my backyard. Thanks.

Jason Buck
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