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Including Images in Posts

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2 Ways to Post Images:

1) Insert the address of an image that is already on the internet. This is the easiest way.

You need access to an image hosting website or personal website that publishes your images on the internet.
1) Copy the image address (right click on the image > copy image address).
2) Paste that image address inside html code as follows:


For example, if your image address is:

Insert this in your text: Image

You can type the simple "img" code, or you can select the Image Button in the upper Menu:


This method works best if you previously a) Size images to fit nicely for viewing and b) Compress files so that they load fairly quickly. Dimensions around 800 to 600 pixels, more or less, display well on forum pages.

You may want additional spaces above and below the image code, more or less, so that the image displays above a caption and well below other images and text.

2) Second Method: Upload Image Directly to 70birds Forum

This method only allows images with maximum 300 kb file size and 1200 x 1200 pixel dimensions to be uploaded.

Select "Attachments" in the lower left corner, choose your image file to upload and the code will be inserted in your draft post..


Different browsers and OSs display slightly differently.


Select the hamburger menu icon to reveal the Attachments Option


Be Careful Not to Lose/Delete Your Draft Posts in Progress - It Can Be Frustrating

If you select "Save Draft", your photos may be lost

Trying to change modes when in "Preview" mode or using the back button may delete your work. After you "Preview", just scroll down the page to edit again.

If you are posting extensive discussion and images, you may want to periodically copy all the text and code in your draft and save in a text file on your computer while working. Save before you "Preview" or "Save Draft" so that you can paste it if it is accidentally deleted.

Best Practices and Limitations on Posting Images

Images larger than 800 pixels width or height display clickable icons which link to full size images.

8 Attachments per post max. Number of posts are not limited.

Max Image Size: 1200 x 1200 pixels and 300 KB file size. This allows us to accommodate more images and unlimited posts.

Below are jpg image file sizes based on compression:

dimension-compression-file-size.gif (12.61 KiB) Viewed 37189 times
The above list of jpg images sizes, compression, and file sizes demonstrate this is easily doable for 800x600 (600x800, 800x800) pixel images. Even 900x1200 pixel jpg color images can be compressed to less than 300 KB with compression factor 40.

We think jpg files are best for color images and gif files are best for black and white. You may use as you wish.