Posting, Attachments, Image Types, Sizes

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Posting, Attachments, Image Types, Sizes

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We hope visitors will share illustrations of birds, birdhouse plans, projects and their experiences and thoughts.

Please use jpg files for birds and projects in color; use gif files for plans and sketches in black and white.

3 Attachments per post. Number of posts are not limited.

Max Image Size: 1200 x 1200 pixels and 300 KB file size.

The list of file sizes (KBs) of various images sizes (pixels) and compression factors (c-1 to c-50) demonstrate this is easily doable for 800x600 (600x800, 800x800) pixel images, which are suitable for most illustrations within discussion forum posts. Even 900x1200 pixel jpg color images can be compressed to less than 300 KB. Most jpg images on this site have compression factors of 50.
dimension-compression-file-size.gif (12.61 KiB) Viewed 335 times
Images larger than 800x800 will be represented with thumbnail images and will link to original images displayed on a same or new window.

Please Save Plan Drawings to Black & White Gif Files.
It would be helpful and we would prefer gifs were used for plans, drawings and sketches. Black and white plan drawings measuring 900x1200 pixels saved to gif files are easily less than 300 KB and make very nice plans, sketches and prints.

Basic Image Management - File types, size and compression:
*.jpg images (for color) and *.gif images (for black and white plans) are preferred here. They will be easiest to meet size limits.
*.jpg images can be “compressed” (when saving) up to a factor of 25 or 30 without losing perceptible quality and up to 50 for many images.

Private messaging is enabled. Attachments in private messages is disabled. Users can easily share attachments privately with personal applications.